Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graham Greene "The Heart of the Matter"

As a Hardworlder, it is my duty to inform other hardworlders and hardworlders to be about classic books that are shit. In this case it is Graham Greene's "classic" The Heart of the Matter. Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors, although this is only the third book I've read by him. But, The Quiet American and The Power and the Glory (I wonder if Saxon took their album title from that) are 2 of my all time favorites. Great and direct and also very sad.

The Heart of the Matter is about half a great novel and the other half the most whiny, melodramatic romance novel the world!!!!! I don't know. I just kept wanting it to end already. Please end. It was bringing me down. I was walking into work thinking like Scobie (the main character) from the book. "'This is the end of us, I suppose.' 'You know there is no end to us.'" That line is actually in the book. Anyway, the last half involves a love triangle, deceptions, death, whining to God, and suicide. What a miserable book. However, there is a good message there: pity is a dangerous thing. So, the book is how pity is a kind of pride and that it's just as bad, if not worse than regular old pride that you see in people everyday. So...that's good. So, yeah, what a great book! I can't recommend it enough. Excellent message. Just be careful not to slice your own throat and drown your cat at the end.

I don't know why you would want to drown a cat. I just threw that in there.

That cover is similar to the one I have, but the font is different and it doesn't have the provocative subheading on it.

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