Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jaws: The Revenge - The roaring shark

It's a HardWorld. That's why I watched all 4 Jaws movies, n here's my all too brief thoughts about 'em:

Jaws - Last time I saw this was when I was 10 or something. A classic. Nice pacing, and good characters. But, kinda boring cuz of that too. The build up to the finale is nicely done.

Jaws 2 - Boring. Has all the same cast members, and about the same theme of a misunderstood lone wolf shark killah and the city politicians that want everybody to get eaten by a shark. The city is wrong again and the sherriff is right again. And too many teenagers complaining.

Jaws 3 - Or 3-D. I saw this one in the theaters back in the day. It ruled back then. Almost as good now. Actually, it's not that good, but more entertaining than the second. There's some weird surrealist sounds in this one, but Jaws looks way stiffer in this one. Too robotic.

Jaws The Revenge - I thought it had a made for TV vibe to it, and later I found out the director is a made for tv kind of guy. I have to admit, it's kind of an effective drama, (one of the Boyd family sons die from Jaws early on, and everyone is sad and trying to move on in life). What makes it ridiculous is the shark revenge theme (on the Boyd family, or Boyle...whatever they're called), and the last 10-15 minutes. They re-did the ending several times, and the one I saw had the shark blown to bits, but no one knows why. I think he had a bomb placed in him by the fake Jamaican dude. The other cut is one where the shark gets stabbed. Both don't make much sense, and have terrible editing, but if you appreciate B-movies then I think you'll like it, and, in fact, love it. Here's both clips. Oh, best part: Jaws roars like Godzilla in 'em. That rules.

I couldn't find the blown to bits ending. This will do.

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