Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loudness "Disillusion"

Heavy Metal Thunder! Hell yeah. I picked this up on my recent trip to Tokyo to visit the other Hardworlder, Joel. I think these guys are one of the first True Japanese Heavy Metal bands, but I'm not certain of that. This is their third or fourth album filled with some true ragers. I noticed it gets compared to Rush a lot, and I can hear that, but it's definitely NWOBHM all the way. 'Cept maybe more like NWOJHM.

Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and even some Bay Area thrash (this is '84, after all) are heard in this MIGHTY stew. This is really good. Better than I thought it would be. I had heard of Loudness since I was a kid, but didn't ever really think much about 'em (cuz my older brother didn't), but this is well worth checking out. Also, this is the Japanese version, so most of the lyrics are not english (some are, like the last 2 live tracks). I picked this up at Yellow Pop in Kawaguchi along with a YMO, a Lovers Rock comp, and a Japanese heavy metal comp called "Metal Warning" which I'll probably post later on. I haven't even listened to that yet.


  1. "Crazy Doctor" - 4:13
  2. "Esper" - 3:45
  3. "Butterfly" - 5:12
  4. "Revelation" - 4:19
  5. "Exploder" - 2:29
  6. "Dream Fantasy" - 4:34
  7. "Milky Way" - 4:17
  8. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" - 3:39
  9. "Ares' Lament" - 5:30
  10. "Crazy Doctor" (live English version) - 4:18
  11. "Dream Fantasy" (live English version) - 4:37

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