Monday, September 27, 2010

so this is what I just picked up last time I was in small music. 

Twinsistermoon, levels and crossings, which my brother just sent me some of their other songs by way of a new fangled idea,  dropbox where you can send and share shit online without have to go through your goddamn email.  anyway,  twin sister moon is a nice easy ethereal sound sleepable to, relaxing and sometimes a little frightening  maybe not so sleepable actually,  more like evil folky shit with devils and witches, as I guess the name suggests.

myrmyr,  the amber sea,  kind of a rachel's sound.  easier than twinsistermoon and yet still a little dark, maybe white witches mating with the dirty three.

vetiver,  more of the past,  michael hurley plays violin on one of these tracks. along with about fifty million other folks it seems.  good stuff I first heard of at recycled books though I can't remember which album that was...  This one's more upbeat folky stuff with some decent vocals and a nice clean sound

sun city girls, singles volume 2,  I haven't ventured into this one yet, but I got it for sake of the past.  Im looking forward to the bizarre memories I hope this one conjures up.

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