Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thanks for the invite.

So now I'm a hardworlder. I'm honored. Thank you. I'm not in Korea though, but I did make it into Koreatown in LA today for some Galbitang, given account of how cold it has been recently, I never felt a stronger urge to eat some galbitang. Then I went to a Korean Sauna. Now here in Ktown LA, there is an abundance of Korean Saunas. I must have chosen the right one because when I went in, and I got the familiar "Oshosayo!" I instantly replied with "Anyonghaseyo." Then to stir up some shits and giggles, I whipped out my Korean drivers license from when I lived in Korea (I was supposed to return it to immigration upon departure from Korea) she actually scratched her head. So it's not that funny, but she did get some Korean out of me and for humoring her, I got 10 free guest passes. She called up someone on the phone and was like "yada yada weigukin chingu" something something. Then she gave me some "chingu cards," (e.g. guest passes). So I'll be sure to Kspa again in the near future. Thanks for adding me, uh, I don't have anything else of interest to say. If you want to watch some videos I made, feel free.

I like to make movies.

Be brutal.

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  1. That's a great video, and that song is way better than some of the other things I've heard by Purling Hiss. Nice slice of blown out psych rockin'.