Friday, January 14, 2011

Travel Time

Sitting here with a Korean face mask covering my face. Gots to keep my face moisturizer on. Heading out of here come February 1st. So it looks like I'll be packing up my shite and heading out of Gangsterfornia. Who knows when I'll return. Come February 2nd I'll be in Shottingham, UK, to stay with Frazer the Amazer, who lives in Robin Hood's old stomping grounds. We'll be looting from the rich and giving to the poor, headbutting our way through the UK. I'm pretty stoked cuz I've never been to the UK in my life. Don't care too much for London. You've seen one major city, you've seen them all. Definitely on the agenda will be some cider and some pub action and some more cider. Cricket and tea time should be good as well.

Then it's off to Shanghai via Istanbul. Yup, going to stop in Istanbul on the way out. Although it's only in the airport, should be cool just to say "hey man, I was in Turkey." I'm headed out to Shanghai to teach at SISU. Hopefully if all goes as planned, I'll be 30 grand deeper in the hole and working on an MA in international Relations at the same time. Loads of work and play in the works. Stay tuned for pics and other fun shits and giggles. The pay will be crap, but maybe I'll get hitched. Who knows? Wish me luck, because my last attempt at China was a fucking disaster.

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  1. I hope you get better treatment over in China this time. Have fun in the bloody UK.