Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the new member

As the so far silent administrator of the Hardworld I'd like to take one of my few vocal moments to give a hearty welcome to the newest member of this carnal exploration of death, humanity and the outright satanistic practice of listening to metal music. Mr. Jacob!! Come on down sir and welcome to the pack. We're a bunch of lone wolves scattered about the dark woods of the real world, ripping at the flesh and fabric of time and existence, spilling the blood of the guilty and innocent alike, howling and eating the soft flesh of the forgiven. From your unique vantage point in the vast network of the universe we invite you to rip and tear through the minds of our limited numbers, snapping bones, drinking whisky and eating the children of your enemies. Along with the rest of the hardworlders I feel honored to have such a ruthless and fearful individual as yourself in our midst.

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